MWA Lawyers provides a range of family law services including advice and assistance in relation to parenting arrangements and dispute resolution strategies, with a special focus on property and financial matters for high net worth individuals. This applies equally to married or de facto couples.

MWA Lawyers family law services are tailored to meet the specific needs of high net worth individuals who have complicated commercial structures. This is particularly important for:

  • Business owners;
  • Company directors and shareholders;
  • Accountants, doctors, lawyers and other professionals in sole practice or partnership; and
  • Property held in family/discretionary trusts, unit trusts, superannuation and other trust structures.

MWA Lawyers can advise and assist in the implementation of Binding Financial Agreements (also referred to as pre nups, or pre nuptial agreements).

A thorough understanding of a client’s commercial structures (including the tax issues surrounding them) is essential to providing commercially practical advice in Family Law matters.

MWA Lawyers are equipped to advise on these types of Family Law matters because they have significant experience as financial and commercial lawyers and experience with Australian taxation and trust laws.

MWA Lawyers will not only guide you through the Family Court’s process of dividing property and assets, but they will also explain how your commercial structures impact on any proposed property settlement and the process of valuing assets and liabilities (for Family Law purposes) held within such structures.

Whilst litigation in the Family Court is not the first option, sometimes there is no alternative. MWA Lawyers try to explore all non court alternatives before litigation is commenced. Should the regrettable circumstance of a litigated Family Law dispute arise, MWA Lawyers have the litigation expertise to assist. In litigated family law disputes, MWA Lawyers only brief experienced barristers who specialise in family law matters.

MWA Lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the difficult process of separation and property distribution between former partners to a relationship.

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