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MWA Lawyers is a boutique legal practice located close to the Sydney CBD in Woolloomooloo. We have experienced and qualified professional lawyers, trained in both finance and law, all with current NSW and High Court of Australia admissions, and holding Australia recognised practising certificates.

We service a wide range of industries and clients, including high net worth individuals, successful small to medium sized enterprises and listed public companies. We provide services in relation to domestic and international transactions.

We strive to provide high quality, cost effective and commercially practical services to our clients, in a timely manner.

Please feel free to refer to the links below for more information, and our contact details if you wish to make any further enquiries.


We specialise in the following areas:


MWA Lawyers provide commercial and business law services over a wide range of legal practice areas.
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We provide a comprehensive range of services to assist clients who have complex and sometimes intractable disputes with other persons and businesses.
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Our employment law services are tailored to meet the needs of commercial clients who are employers, or employees holding senior positons.
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We provide assistance and expertise in family law, and cases involving breakdown in marriage and defacto relationships.
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MWA Lawyers provides a comprehensive range of services to Australian based wagering operators, in particular Corporate wagering operators.
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Our Notary Public is also a qualified solicitor and provides services to both individuals and companies.
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MWA Lawyers provide property law and conveyancing services in relation to the sale, purchase and lease of commercial and residential real estate.
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We have expertise in all taxation areas, including income tax, capital gains tax, GST, stamp duty, land tax and payroll tax.
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MWA Lawyers provide wills and estate planning services to clients.
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Please feel free to contact our Office Manager who will refer you to a professional staff member suited to your requirements.

142 Cathedral Street  
Woolloomooloo, NSW, 2011


MWA Lawyers
142 Cathedral Street Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011 Australia
Phone: +61-2-9332-4733 Map