MWA Lawyers provide property law and conveyancing services in relation to the sale, purchase and lease of:

  • Commercial and industrial property;
  • Residential property;
  • Retail premises;
  • Rural land; and
  • Off-the-plan developments.

We have a thorough understanding of the complexities of property law and conveyancing (which complexities are largely underestimated in our community) and the potential pitfalls when buying, selling or leasing a property. We provide advice and assistance in relation to:

  • Negotiating favourable terms in a contract or commercial lease;
  • GST implications;
  • Land tax, CGT and other taxation liabilities;
  • The effect of Easements, Rights of Way and Covenants registered on the title to a property;
  • Heritage matters;
  • Restrictions/prohibitions on development, risk of flooding, bush fires, and other matters affecting a property;
  • Validly terminating or rescinding a contract or commercial lease; and
  • Lodging caveats to protect interests, and removing improperly lodged caveats.

We are happy to discuss a fixed fee for conveyancing work. Fee rates vary depending on the nature of the property (ie residential or commercial).

Please feel free to refer to the links below for more information, and our contact details if you wish to make any further enquiries.


Please feel free to contact our Office Manager who will refer you to a professional staff member suited to your requirements.

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